Online Credits with Financial Credit Institutions.

Capital Lender is the best option when you cannot go to a bank and are looking for online credits with Financial Credit Institutions.

If you appear registered as delinquent in Financial Credit Institutions you can be sure that the bank will automatically reject your financing request.  In this case, going to private financing may be the solution to get the money you need easily and quickly.

Online credits with Financial Credit Institutions of Capital Lender

Online credits with Financial Credit Institutions of Capital Lender

Capital Lender we are a company specialized in financing through private lenders, who can open a financing route in less than a week even when registering with Financial Credit Institutions.

We have more than 6 years of experience in the study and opening of online credit financing lines with Financial Credit Institutions.

How we work at Capital Lender

Our goal when granting loans online with Financial Credit Institutions is to close the transaction satisfactorily for both the borrower and the lender. We are not a fast loan company that acts aggressively, but we seek to help the applicant who contacts us and assure the lender that he leaves his money at a particular level that he will see that money returned. So we only open one round of feasibility study to applicants who meet the following two conditions.

Conditions to access our online credits with Financial Credit Institutions

The applicant must meet two requirements in order for us to agree to study their funding demand. These conditions are as follows.

Have a mortgage guarantee

Have a mortgage guarantee

That is, having a property or real estate property in your name that will act as a guarantee in case of non-payment.

In order to demonstrate that you are the owner of that property, we request that you send us a simple note from the Land Registry that proves it.

The property will be appraised at market price by an independent body and the value will be used to determine the maximum amount of the loan, which will be around 30% of the appraised value. The property can be of any nature: flats, houses, apartments, garages, premises, warehouses.

Request a minimum of $ 20,000

Request a minimum of $ 20,000

It is the minimum amount with which we can cover the fixed costs associated with the feasibility study, appraisal, consultants, management and miscellaneous travel. The opening of financing lines through online credits with Financial Credit Institutions involves many professionals who must be involved before the money is delivered to the applicant’s current account.

Characteristics of our online credits with Financial Credit Institutions

At Capital Lender we want to make things as easy as possible for our clients so that they can return their credit in the way that best suits them. For this reason, our online credits with Financial Credit Institutions are always governed by the following regulations:

  • Interest between 9% and 12%. The exact interest depends on the duration of the loan
  • The client chooses the payments. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually
  • The customer chooses amortization.
    • The French one is the most common : always the same installment throughout the loan.
    • The American company can also apply for it : pay only interest throughout the life of the loan and pay the principal at the end and at once
  • The client chooses the duration. We adapt to your situation.
  • We are open to deficiencies. Start paying until after 2 years.

Trust Capital Lender for your online credits with Financial Credit Institutions.